What to do with the beets?  Karen Hubbard gave me Liliya Ivshenko’s recipe  from Belarus  for Borsch  several years ago and I love it!
2 breasts of chicken
3 beets
2 potatoes
3-4 carrots
1/2 onion
1/2 can stewed tomatoes
1/2 can chicken broth  (I use a whole chicken with skin on and do not use the broth)
1 Cook meat in boiling water–about 1 quart
 2 cube cooked meat and return to water
3 grate beets, carrots, onion and fry in oil for about 10 minutes
4 add tomatoes to cooked veggies
5 cube potatoes and add to water along with other veggies
6 add broth
7 salt and pepper to taste
8 simmer additional 20 minutes
-Leah Hayes

2 responses

  1. Thanks for Posting this Leah. I made it using the whole chicken, and we all LOVED it. It made a large batch of soup so I sent up a sample to my mother-in-law (a very picky eater) and she kept requesting more and more of it. I hope we get more beets soon.

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