Freezing Vegetables

Email from a member:

I have had great luck with freezing certain items, and I try not to waste anything:

Peeled garlic-put it in mason jar in freezer, take out cloves as needed; they thaw in a few minutes for dicing or slicing. Keeping them in a jar leaves no odor in the freezer.

Bell peppers-slice and freeze one pepper per zip lock bag. Great for fajitas.

Onions-dice or slice and store in

 mason jars in freezer; no odor this way. Also great for fajitas.

Jalapenos-wash, put on cookie sheet and roast under broiler for until seared. Store in zip lock bag in freezer and take individual peppers out as needed. You can also make poppers and store them in the freezer to cook later: Cream cheese mixed w/ grated cheese and green onions, fill pepper halves, bake until golden and melty.

Make stir fry mixes and store in zip lock bags in freezer-zuccini, squash, carrots, peas, broccoli. Easy to throw in a pan and saute or stir fry. I even chop up chicken and put it in a smaller zip lock bag, then put that sealed bag inside a larger bag w/ the chopped veggies. Easy supper. Just add a swirl of olive oil to the pan and season mix as desired–I serve w/ rice or pasta.

I also make veggie pizza mixes w/ sliced mushrooms, diced peppers, sliced eggplant or zuccini and freeze. Pull them out for pizza toppings.

Spinach-wash and stuff in a zip lock bag and freeze. Use in lasagna.


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