Slow-Simmered Fresh Tomato Spaghetti Sauce (Freezable)

Here’s a recipe for spaghetti sauce…

This recipe provides a great way to use up garden tomatoes. You can make a batch for tonight’s dinner and extra batches to pour into storage baggies, plastic tubs, or glass jars to store in the freezer. Label each container with the date you stored it. That way you can use up the oldest dates first and

also recall the hot summer day when you prepared the sauce. Sauces can keep for more than a year in the deep freeze. Remember to taste test and add ingredients as needed to truly make it your own.

· 8 cups of fresh garden tomatoes, prepared (see below)
· 15 oz of Hunt’s tomato sauce
· 2 cloves of garlic
· 1/2 cup of minced onion
· 1 teaspoon salt
· 1 teaspoon basil
· 1/2 cup of water
· Dash of sugar (optional)
· Splash of red wine (optional)

To prepare the tomatoes for the sauce, first heat a pot of boiling water. Carefully dunk the tomatoes in and remove in 1 minute. Now put the tomatoes in a bowl of ice water. The skins will slide off easily. Next, cut the tomatoes in half and squeeze out the excess water and seeds. Take the tomatoes and place in a large pot. You can cut them if you wish but they should break up as you simmer them. Add the tomato sauce, garlic, onion, salt, basil, and water. Simmer the sauce for approximately two hours. Taste the sauce and add more ingredients to your taste, such as sugar or red wine. Stir the sauce occasionally to make sure the tomatoes are breaking up and the sauce has thickened. The spaghetti sauce is now ready to eat or to be put in containers for the freezer.

-Laura Bruner

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