Coupon Codes

Not entirely off the produce subject… and having just benefited from this AGAIN, I wanted to post about it.

I don’t always remember to do this, but when I do I’m always surprised! And usually what reminds me is the box on the payment page that says “Coupon Code:___” At that point I open a new tab and type in the name of the website and the words “coupon code.” In my most recent search, I was trying to decide between an $80 meal planning software and a $40 one that might have been just as good, but I was sure they were charging $40 more for some good reason and was sure that at some point I would find out why! Being the bargain hunter that I am, however, I debated for some time. I finally made up my mind to spare no expense for the sake of my fellow rabbits, and opted for the $80 software. Then I saw it… “Coupon Code:___” I clicked on another tab, typed in the site and hooray! I saved $24… which made the cost of the higher priced one much more satisfying!

It just occurred to me that I probably could have saved some money on the $40 software with a coupon code… but I don’t really want to know about it!


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