A Happy Email

This was sent to us today after we launched, “Cookin’ with What’s in the Basket!”

Let me tell you I am so excited about the menus I can hardly see straight!!! I have more times than not been unable to fully utilize my basket contents bc I didn’t come up with enough ways to eat everything BUT NO LONGER! 🙂 I’m totally jazzed about the meal plans and will use all three. My husband and I are starting to eat primarily vegan as we would like to drop the extra weight and get healthy so we can keep up with our grand kids and ditch the blood pressure medicine. I laugh because that makes us sound ancient but we’re only in our mid 50s 🙂 Anyway, I would like to change my membership to every week. Have a great day and thank you!
Blessings to you,
Marilyn McGreevey

One response

  1. I finally did it!! I signed up for the trial basket! I cant wait to get my ‘stuff’! and have Marilyn help me figure out how to incorporate it all into my weekly meals! Thanks for the enthusiasm, Marilyn…you got me to do it! See you next week for our scrapbook date!:)

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