A Noisy Rabbit Dinner

We made an almost full The Noisy Rabbit (tnr) dinner tonight. I wanted to use the apricots so I started throwing stuff in a iron pan to stick in the oven. What came out was really good – the kiddos asked for a third helping. There are no measurements, sorry, but here is what I threw in:

Chicken breasts
A few springs of rosemary from my neighbors’ garden
Apricot halves (tnr)
blueberries (tnr)
Orange juice (from last weeks oranges – tnr)

Coconut oil
sea salt

* cooked it in the oven then finished the chicken on the grill.

Fruit for a side:
strawberries (tnr)
blueberries (tnr)
apricots (tnr)
cucumbers (tnr)
roasted coconut (tnr)
cherries (tnr)
OJ (tnr)
1/2 tps of sugar
little bit of coconut oil
chia seeds
flax seeds

Veggie for side(s):
salad = lettuce (tnr) + spinach (tnr) shredded cheese
roasted broc and yel squash (both tnr)

= health meal and happy folks. 🙂

-Jess Bayne